Synopsis Volume 1 Creator

Hi, I’m Jin Sun Oh. I worked in animation studios a long time ago in Seoul and I also created manga (manhwa) stories, which were published in girls manga (manhwa) magazines. I always wanted to create comics because it is kind of creating my own movies. I completed Model Behaviour (volume 1) about 10 years ago as a free webmanga, but I stopped working on it because it was too much work. I decided to republish it online to share it with other comic readers. It could give me some motivation to continue Model Behaviour someday (kind of bugs me that I never was able to finish the story). I remember that one of my readers at that time suggested to update it with just pencil drawings and that could be a less time consuming way to continue. We will see… I miss Jack sometimes too.

All the drawings were done by pen & ink and finished on the computer.

Jin Sun Oh, September 2020